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Nestle Kit KatI'm taking a short break from doing my final year project. It’s really tiring to sit in front of my computer for hours every day and viewing thousands of coding. I have to admit, this thing really make my head spinning. At first I tot this system just require a simple manipulation of Joomla coding but when I’ve started to develop the system, I realize that what my supervisor told me the first time I met him was true.
I remembered he said to me “Pakker, this project is quite big you know. Are you sure you can develop it within the time limit?”. Than I replied, “Well, this project is quite simple. I’m sure I can finish it before the semester start.” But it turned out that my Dell laptop got damaged during the semester break. I’m really shocked. The laptop was like a girlfriend to me. Its always with me wherever I go, whenever I need it. Without it, I’m nothing (T_T).

But, life must go on. I’ve bought a new computer last 2 weeks. A desktop that cost me RM700. Just a cheap one, enough for me to do my FYP and all my other projects. I can say that my Final Year Project is halfway done.  I got to face a lot of challenges to reach to this level and its really worth it. I will tell more about my FYP project in my blog anytime soon.

Tomorrow, I will release the alpha stage of my system to a few friends and of course, my supervisor for testing. Let’s hope they will give a good review of my system. :)

p/s: Now, I have no shame to submit my report to my supervisor. :D  
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